Authors: Pete Davis, Ram Kapistalam, India Lindsay, Alex Mcgraw, Immanuel Ponminissery, Matthew Streichler

A haiku is a popular form of Japanese poetry constrained by a 5–7–5 syllable pattern. Traditional haikus tend to focus on elements from the natural world. Modern variants often incorporate unique stylistic qualities while adhering to the syllable structure.

We were interested in identifying a creative method to combine several NLP and Machine Learning techniques, including convolutional neural networks and transformers, to write haikus. We developed a generative model that takes an image as input and writes a haiku relevant to objects contained within the image. …

Source: Pixabay

Time series applications to energy consumption and outlier detection

Written by: Jocelyne Walker, Luke Bravo, Ram Kapistalam, India Lindsay

Using time and resources efficiently is essential to the success of energy companies, building managers, and utility users. To use resources efficiently, we must combine machine learning and industry understanding to first model energy consumption and then predict anomalies for human intervention.

The potential for value creation exists as typically 15–30% of commercial buildings’ energy usage is wasted due to malfunctioning equipment, improper operation protocol, and faulty construction [1]. Despite efforts to reduce waste, energy consumption in buildings has steadily increased…


My name is India. I'm passionate about using technology to put together the puzzle pieces of this wild life.

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